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Here at the, we have been making our own
salsa for many years now. We were first introduced to the idea by a
tall, dark, stranger from Tucson. From him, we learned that there is
nothing better than a bowl of fresh, home made salsa, served with
chips, and a few good friends.

It took a little bit of experimentation to get our recipes worked out.
Over time we developed our favorite blend of Anaheim, Banana, and
Jalapeno peppers. This blend has been found to give a very peppery
taste at first, followed by a slow building heat a few moments later. It
makes you want more!

Of course, there are many other peppers to choose from.
Sometimes, we will substitute a green bell pepper in place of an
Anaheim, for example. If your looking for color, try a yellow, orange,
or red bell pepper. Occasionally, you'll find unusual peppers in the
market. Be sure to try some of these. You may find a new, personal
favorite. If you want to produce an instant bite, add a Cerano pepper.
And of course, if you are after some real heat, use some
Habanero's. Our personal opinion on Habanero peppers; they are
hot, but if you tame then down a little, you'll find that they have a very
distinct flavor all their own. Try them, and you'll see what we mean.

As far as the other ingredients are concerned, fresh is best. We
prefer to use Roma tomatoes in most of our salsa's. We have found
that they are meatier than most tomatoes, and there is less juice left
over at the bottom of the bowl. The choice of tomatoes isn't a major
issue. Use what you like, especially if they are home grown.

Don't get hung up on recipes
Our feeling on salsa is that you shouldn't get too hung up on recipes.
Use them as a place to start, and do your own experimenting. You
may just stumble onto something special along the way. That's how
we came up with our recipes. It's almost impossible to make a bad
salsa, but it is definitely possible to make a great salsa. Good luck,
and let us know if you come up with a winner.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How do you cut up your ingredients?
A:  We use a Cuisinant 11-CUP food processor for large batches. When we
want a smaller quantity, we use our

 Can you freeze salsa.
A:  Yes, we frequently make a large batch, then freeze part of it in smaller
quantities for use later. (they are great for a quick start to a batch of chili)

Q:  How do you keep from burning your eyes?
A:  Don't touch your eyes!  No really, be careful and wash your hands throughly.
Some people tell us that they use rubber gloves when handling the peppers.
We usually don't have too much of a problem, except for when we are using
Habanero peppers. Be very careful with these!

Q:  What do you do if you make the salsa too hot?
A:  Add more tomatoes. The salsa will still be too hot, but now you will have
even more. Really, it seems like once a batch is too hot, it is always too hot, no
matter what you try. Just take it to a party and tell your friends it is too hot to eat.
They will try to prove you wrong.

(p.s.  there is no such thing as a batch that is too hot)
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